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Live Like a Local, Play Like a Tourist…and wear it proudly.

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Live Like a Local, Play Like a Touristand wear it proudly. And that includes your pet! Looking for shirts that locals and tourists would wear? How about personalized dog bandanas: dog’s name on one side, town on the other? Decals for your car and stickers for your computer, phone case or tumbler!

Holiday Dog Bandanas - Naughty & Nice (slides over collar)

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These dog bandanas (and cat bandanas) are perfect for your pet because they show off their personality and easily slip over their collar! They are also the perfect holiday outfit for your furry friend!

Choose from Lumberjack, Tartan, Snowy Night, Black Watch Plaid or Irish Plaid fabrics!

1. Tartan

2. Lumberjack

3. Snowy Night

4. Irish Holiday

These bandanas come in five sizes. Small is a good size for tolerant cats! 🙂 All sizes are great for dogs!

How to measure for correct size: just take a tape measure and measure half way around the length of your pet's collar - order the bandana whose LENGTH is closest to that measurement. If you are still not sure you can measure a triangle on a piece of paper with the Length and Width of the bandana measurements then cut it out and lay it on your pets back with "length" side laying on collar.

Animal sizes are approximate - if you are unsure it is best to size up.

SM - 6” x 4 1/2” slides over 3/4” collar - $11 - for pets under 20 lbs
Med - 8” x 6” slides over 3/4" collar - $12 - for dogs under 35 lbs
Lg - 10” x 7” slides over 1” collar - $13 - for dogs under 50 lbs
XL - 12" x 8 1/2” slides over 1” collar - $14 - for dogs under 65 lbs

2XL - 14" x 9” slides over 1” collar - $15 - for dogs over 65 lbs or dogs with long fur

All bandanas are handmade and so the finished sizes can vary slightly.

Washing Instructions: Bandanas can be machine washed and dried but will last longer if you "hang to dry". They can be ironed but avoid directly ironing the vinyl lettering as iron will damage it.

If item is personalized it cannot be returned.

If you have questions email - olivia@williamsburgfamilies.com

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