Localourist: (local + tourist = localourist): an adventure seeker who wants to live like a local and play like a tourist where ever they may venture.


Live Like a Local, Play Like a Tourist…and wear it proudly.

Welcome to Localourist (local+tourist = localourist) where our writers are dedicated to finding fun, cool and interesting locations with local and tourist tips that will help you experience the location like a local, a tourist or both! And we have a growing expanse of merch for different destinations! So get ready to Live like a Local, Play Like a Tourist!

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Live Like a Local, Play Like a Touristand wear it proudly. And that includes your pet! Looking for shirts that locals and tourists would wear? How about personalized dog bandanas: dog’s name on one side, town on the other? Decals for your car and stickers for your computer, phone case or tumbler!

Baby & Toddler

Got a Burg Born Baby? Need a baby shower gift? Love The Burg or visiting The Burg? Show it some love with The Burg Wear from Localourist. Love to live like a local, play like a tourist on your free time? Localourist is the site for you - travel tips, stories and clothing (tshirt, sweatshirts and apparel) to show where you have been and where to love to go!